We are a couple of average working class professionals, which annually travel on motorcycles through the back roads and highways of this great country. Our adventures have been rich in the beauty and diversity of its people, from the majestic North West coast line to the haunting beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains. We are blessed to have this opportunity to feel this freedom. This year we felt the importance and obligation to use our traveling experience to inform, educate, entertain, and get the message to vote out. Our voices can be heard and they do count!

This election has so much riding on the outcome. You can follow us virtually through our video links, personal interviews, candidate and political information, current issues of the nation and the people, and the concerns and ideals of the people we meet along the way. Join the social interaction with fellow subscribers throughout the United States, Canada, and the rest of the World! We are not promoting any individual candidate and we are not political analysts, in fact quite the contrary. We will keep it real as we travel across the United States, engaging with folks of all walks of life, from the people, places, and adventures that traveling across this beautiful country on motorcycles provide.

We need you! Join us on our 2016 American “Ride the Vote”!

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    Our Introduction

    Watch our short introductory video!

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    The Campaign Trail

    Checkout us on the Presidential trail.

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    More Information

    The ride, people, rlection and motorcycles.

What's Going On

Salt Lake City, Utah

The Utah Caucus was held Tuesday March 22nd 2016. There were record turnouts across the state, some claim they waited as long as 4 hours to vote. Ted Cruz won the Utah Republican Primary with 69% of the vote, John Kasich followed with 17% and Donald Trump ended up with only 14% of the Utah vote. Maybe next time Trump won’t offend so many people when he comes to town?? Probably not! Does it matter? Trump took the Arizona Republican Primary and still has more delegate votes than Cruz as of March 23rd, 2016.

Bernie Sanders won the Utah Democratic primary at an overwhelming 80%. Sanders also took Idaho but lost to Hillary Clinton in Arizona. Again, Clinton as more delegate votes by taking Arizona! Politics are so confusing?

Denver, Colorado

Colorado is the first andonly state to opt out of the early nomination process;

Cruz takes 34 delegates without votes and Trump claims this described as unfair and just shy of illegal. Sanders continues his current winning streak picking up 38 delegates in Colorado.

New York, NY

New York Primary coming up on April 19th.

Stay tuned for more details.

Who We Are



In the past, I have voted without really knowing the candidates or the issues. I have wasted these opportunities to be part of the solution instead of the problem. I am an American caught up in the daily exercise of surviving. I am a patriot and I love this country. For a long time I have felt disconnected from our political leaders. This 2016 Presidential election is bizarre to say the least. I feel a sense of urgency to get involved instead of sleepwalking through another election. There is A LOT riding on this vote! Whether you support any of the candidates or are discouraged by the prospects, I urge you to GET INVOLVED AND "RIDE THE VOTE" with us!


The Xues

I have been riding motorcycles since about the 1st grade. I entered into manhood when I got my motorcycle while in middle school. I have always loved the feeling I get when I have my powerful, capable, and even intimidating motorcycle tearing up the pavement. I ride when I want and how I want, it’s my freedom and I try not to abuse it. In life I find truth through experience. I enjoy watching and listening to people. I love capturing the stories and images of the people around me, the good the bad and everything in between. Its the fuel for a fire of debate. Where fact eats fiction. Naked truth is loud and proud! Stupidity does not discriminate, but discrimination does take stupidity! In the words of another man... be comfortable, being uncomfortable!